Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life goes on.....

Sorry guys, I have been busy!!!!

I haven't wrote on here for about a year or so.... lots has happened... I broke my foot and was in a cast for 9 weeks. They only took it off so I could be a bridemaid in my friends wedding and not ruin her wedding pictures. The wedding was beautiful, and I walked most of the day on my foot.... I paid for it later. I had to use my crutches for another 2 weeks and the doctors tried to recast my foot! I was able to talk them out of it but I had to do months of physio. My specialist said that because of my illness my bones are more brittle and I need to be more careful.... haha guess its not a good time to tell her how many times I have been bucked off or fallen off my horse! I have had some sad things happen in my life to. A young man that I used to babysit and was a family friend was killed in a horrible head on collision. Unfortunately I knew the other person involved in the accident too and she too died. It was a rough week.

I am still doing agility in the summer with my dog Harley, and we both enjoy it very much. I am still riding/showing my horse but now I am riding two horses. I currently have a fulltime job (9hrs/day 5 days a week) and a part time job. I love both my jobs but only a fool would have 2 jobs for fun! I am saving money because my boyfriend and I are going to Denmark in August. I am so excited!!! I will also be going back to school in September to finish my Social Work diploma. Its been a long time coming, 7 years to be exact.

I recently went back to my specialist for another check up. I am still going to Edmonton every 6 months to the U of A hospital, and once a year to the cross-cancer center for check ups. For the most part things are going good. My ACTH is still high which concerns my endocrine. I have started showing symptoms of Nelsons Syndrome. My skin is darkening (a bit not a lot), I have a few dark spots between my fingers, and on my gums that are more noticable. I am still struggling with weight loss. I had lost another 20 pounds but unfortunately I gained most of it back. I will continue to fight this because I KNOW I can do it!!!!! My endocrine has decided to put me on Dostinex to try and lower my ACTH. I haven't started it but I have been warned that it has some gross side effects.

Life for me has been great. I started dating a wonderful man, we have known each other for years but only about 4 months ago began dating. He is very supportive, understanding and just amazing!

I have SLOWLY began to learn to live with this illness. I try and take better care of my body, more fruits and veggies (which is hard for me because I LOVE carbs!). I realize now that I will never be the person I was before I was diagnosed with this illness, but I think I am better for that! I am trying to be more diligent about taking my pills at the same time every day, which I am not gonna lie doesn't happen all the time, but its getting better. I started seeing a lady who does Shakra balancing, Cord cutting, etc. She has been so helpful. I realize now that even though most of my grandparents and Kyle have passed away, they are still with me. When I struggle to keep going I ask them for the strength to keep going and I feel and extra push. I know they are watching over me keeping me safe. I got a tattoo last March. It is a dragonfly (which represents inner courage, strenth and in some cultures family) and around it I have flowers and they are the birthstone colours of my loved ones that have passed. That way when I feel like I can't fight anymore I just have to look down and I know they are there to help me!

My nephew is also growing like a weed.... he is in grade 1 this year and he is too smart for his own good! I love him so much!

All in all I am still fighting this disease but I have wonderful family, friends, and animals to help me through. I am up for a fight now!!!! Lets kick some Cushings Disease/Addisons Disease A$$!!!!!

I will keep writing and let you all know how the Dostinex works for me. I still cannot express the gratitude for all of you who are reading this blog.... THANK YOU!

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  1. Glad I was able to read the update on your blog, Stacy. You have an inner strength that is amazing. I am so proud of you. Love you, Gramma, xoxoxo