Friday, July 12, 2013

More new beginnings!

So I am officially graduated from college and on the lookout for a job in the social work field. I couldn't be happier or more proud of myself! Its hard going back to school, working full time and managing your school work and studying too, but I hung in and I did it! I also want to thank my family for supporting me throughout this whole journey and thanks to Melissa B., Lindsay P., and all my other classmates for making me feel so comfortable and helping me succeed!! I have made some great friends!!!
I also have found out that I have hypothyroidism and am currently on medication to sort that out! I was getting so tired and falling asleep at work and everything... then I received a phone call from my doctor saying that I needed to go on thyroid medication. I am finally starting to feel more energized and healthy. Its a great feeling!!!!


  1. Hi dear!!! Thank you for you blog, first of all (I'm an ex-Cushing patient fighting with adrenal insufficiency right now). Have been scrolling through it right now (yesterday felt so really horrible that really needed to find other people stories just to believe that there is still life after Cushing), and I really didn't get the connection: did you have BOTH pituarity tumor and removed adrenals? In my case I had a tumor of pituarity gland, and doctors told me that that could either be adrenals or hypophysis, not both! Help me out :)

    P.S. Wish you a loooot of health and energy. We need it!

    1. Hello!
      I only had a pituitary tumor but after 2 pituitary tumor removal surgeries, 7 weeks of radiation and medication they still couldn't get my cortisol under control so instead of keeping fighting with it(after 4 years) my endo decided to remove my adrenal glands to control my cortisol. I hope I have explained what you were asking about, if not or if I have, feel free to comment

  2. Hey I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! -Cam